August Nutritional Article

A Week to Celebrate Farmers and the Produce They Provide to our Tables

It is National Farmer’s Market Week August 6-12. Why shop at a farmer’s market?

· Produce can be comparable prices, or even lower, when purchased at a farmer’s market.

· Farmer’s markets support the local economy.

· The produce is very fresh, and is sometimes even picked the morning of the market.

· You can be inspired to try new produce, and even get recipe ideas from the farmers themselves.

· The farmers can sometimes provide nutrition education about the benefits of the produce.

· They may provide samples of the produce right on-site.

· Farmer’s markets increase access to nutritious food, support healthy communities, stimulate local economies, and promote sustainability.

Become a Produce-Picking Pro and Storage Savvy:

· Check for produce that is not bruised, blemished, or damaged.

· After purchasing sweet corn, refrigerate until ready to use, in order to prevent the sugar from turning to starch.

· When picking cantaloupe, smell the stem end to confirm that it has a distinct melon aroma.

· Store tomatoes with the stem up, just as they would grow on the vine. Do not refrigerate tomatoes as they lose flavor.

· Check the bottom of berries containers to ensure there aren’t stains from mashed or moldy berries. Do not wash berries until ready to eat.

· Peaches and nectarines will ripen after picking so buy them at various stages of ripeness so you don’t have to use them all at once.

· Choose cucumbers that are fully green, not yellow.

· Test a green bean by bending it. A fresh green bean will snap rather than bend.

· Peppers should be firm and naturally shiny, and feel heavy for their size.