January Nutrition Article

Color Your Menu with Winter Fruits and Vegetables

It’s cold outside, and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in the menu may not be at the front of your mind. Though it is not prime growing season in the Midwest, there are many seasonal produce options to choose from this time of year. Here are some listed below:

    Brussels Sprouts                 Butternut Squash                      Clementines

sprouts          butternut squash       clementines

Collard Greens                          Dates                                    Grapefruit

collard greens          dates          grapefruit

Kale                                  Kiwi Fruit                                   Leeks

kale          kiwi          leeks

       Mandarin Oranges                   Oranges                                     Pears

  mandarins          oranges          pears

Sweet Dumpling Squash           Sweet Potatoes                          Turnips

squash              sweet potato         turnips

Canned, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables may be just as healthy as their fresh counterparts. See below for tips on choosing the healthiest varieties:
Canned:  Fruits– packed in light syrup, 100% fruit juice, or no-sugar-added water;  Vegetables– unsalted, low-sodium, or no-salt-added
Frozen: Fruits– unsweetened; Vegetables– plain rather than packaged with butter or a sauce
Dried: Fruits– unsweetened; Vegetables– unsalted