Organizing Yourself for Smooth Home Reviews

Organize yourself for smooth food program reviews

1.   Have your menus and meal counts current and available for viewing

  • Menus and Meal Counts need to be entered by the end of the business day
  • It is recommended that you record meal counts immediately after the meal service to ensure accuracy of the counts

2.   Have all your enrollments organized in one place.

  • Your current enrollments should have a date of September 2012 to present
  • Check to make sure that Attendance and Meal Data information on the enrollment form or worksheet reflects each child’s permanent schedule.
  • If they have had a permanent update the schedule directly on that child’s that enrollment or on the enrollment worksheet and have the parents initial that change.

3.   Have attendance records current and available for viewing.

  •  The monitor will need to see the last two weeks of attendance.
  • Check daily that accurate in and out times have been recorded by the parents
  • Parents should sign the attendance record at the end of the week confirming that attendance record is an accurate reflection of their child’s time at daycare.

4.   Place all 2012 all Food Program records in a binder and label it.

  • Menus and Meal Counts (if you are a paper claimer)
  • Enrollments and AMD’s dated 9/2011-8/2012
  • Home visit reviews
  • Check stubs
  • Menu review letters