October Nutrition Article

Think Outside the Halloween Candy Bag

The candy-based holiday is approaching, and have you given thought to what you might hand out to the trick-or-treaters that come knocking at your door? You may even be planning a holiday party at your center – encourage parents and children to supply healthier packaged snacks or novelties that are not sweet-based. And challenge yourself to follow the same creativity to a healthier Halloween. Not only will you put smiles on the faces of the children, but you will also please their parents, dentists, and doctors. Have a conversation with the children about the importance of healthy eating, and this may be a good month to teach a “dental” theme to enforce good mouth hygiene. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Food-Basedhalloween sticker
Boxes of raisins
Fruit leather
Unsweetened cereal mini boxes
Applesauce cups
Fruit/Vegetable puree pouches
Mini bags of: light microwave popcorn,
graham/cheese crackers, pretzels, animal crackers
Reduced-sugar granola bars
Clementine oranges
Mini bottled water

Novelty Items
Bouncy ball or other small ball
Temporary Halloween tattoos
Glow in the dark necklaces or bracelets
Mini pumpkins
Glow sticks
Silly straws