October Nutritional Article

Food Program Changes: Yogurt


October is here so it is now our opportunity to finally implement the new meal pattern which supports the nutritional well-being of our children. The market is already responding to these new requirements and almost daily we are seeing the sugar limits in yogurt changing.

It is very important for you to read nutrition labels closely to identify sugar content of this kid-friendly food. Read more about how to decipher food labels when choosing yogurt: https://horizonsfoodprogram.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/meat_meat_alternate_compoent_handout.pdf

Yogurt is a great source of: PROTEIN, CALCIUM, and VITAMIN D

Similar to the variation in sugar content, yogurt also varies in the amount of protein per ounce. Greek yogurt is the type with the most amount of protein due to the straining process they use when making this variety.

Protein helps us feel satisfied after a meal or snack, which can help take us to the next meal without our stomachs growling. Protein is also important for our bodies to repair cells and make new ones. In other words, protein supports growth and development, which is especially important for children.

The texture or flavor of animal products (i.e. meat or chicken) may not always be appealing to children; however dairy products such as yogurt are sometimes a better-tolerated meat alternate.

Reminder: Protein (meat/meat alternate) is now an option to serve 3 times per week as a grain component replacement.