March Nutritional Article

Put the Focus on National Nutrition Month®

March is National Nutrition Month®, which is a nutrition education and informational campaign that focuses on the importance of making informed food choices while developing sound eating and physical activity habits. There are many ways you can showcase healthy eating, particularly while sharing the common goals of the child food program. Demonstrate the essentiality of healthy eating with the following activities:


  • Print a large version of the MyPlate graphic (available at: Using pictures of foods, real foods, or play foods, have children sort the foods into the appropriate category of the plate. Hold a discussion related to each of the food groups.


  • Have each child bring a piece of fruit and/or vegetable from home, and use the fruits and vegetables to make a vegetable soup and fruit & vegetable smoothie. Another option is to have them select fruits and vegetables from your grocery selection.


  • Offer a new food each week. Consider unique fruits, vegetables, protein, whole-grains, such as kiwifruit, zucchini, tofu, and quinoa. Cheer on the children as they taste the new food, encouraging them to be adventurous.
  • Highlight foods from various cultures. Offer internationally-inspired menu items. Ideas include: chicken enchiladas, beef lo mein, chicken tikka masala, hummus, Isreali couscous, or vegetable egg rolls.