November Nutrition Article

happy-thanksgivingRe-Thinking the Thanksgiving Feast


November is a time to celebrate thankfulness; however the holiday has turned into more of a gluttonous feast of food at times. Butter, cream, salt, and sugar do not have to be the centerpieces of your Thanksgiving meal. Try some healthier twists on traditional Thanksgiving food.



  • Use a turkey breast rather than the whole bird if you’re hosting a smaller gathering.
  • Stuff the turkey cavity with halved onions, halved apples, and herbs such as sage, thyme, and/or rosemary.
  • Spray the outside of the turkey with nonstick oil spray rather than rubbing with butter.
  • Cook the turkey with the breast down to keep it moist so you can limit the gravy.
  • Remove the outer skin before eating, and choose the white meat over the dark, if possible.


Mashed Potatoes:sweet-and-mashed-potatoes

  • Use some of the starchy water, from boiling the potatoes, to mash with the potatoes along with a small amount of butter and skim milk.
  • Add turkey or chicken broth, evaporated skim milk, fat-free sour cream, roasted garlic, and/or herbs to the potatoes as you mash them for added flavor.
  • Add some pureed, cooked cauliflower, parsnips, or turnips for more tasty nutrition.



Sweet Potatoes:

  • Make mashed sweet potatoes alongside the mashed potatoes, and serve them in a bowl together so each scoop gets some of each type of potato.
  • Roast a variety of root vegetables (i.e. turnips, parsnips, etc.) and glaze them with apple cider and cinnamon, and top with chopped walnuts for a uniquely sweet flavor.






  • To avoid soaking up the fat drippings, bake stuffing in a casserole dish separate from the turkey.
  • Use recipes that include rice and other grains as the base of the stuffing, in place of sausage or bacon.





Green Bean Casserole:

  • Use lighter versions of the ingredients, such as reduced-fat and/or lower-sodium cream of mushroom soup, frozen green beans, reduced-fat cheese, and a smaller amount of french-fried onions.
  • Make green beans almandine for an elegant, yet lighter twist on the casserole.




Cranberry Sauce:

  • Make your own cranberry sauce rather than using the high-sugar canned version.
  • Use whole cranberries, and simmer with fruit juice and/or applesauce.
  • Instead of the traditional cranberry sauce, consider roasting apples, pears, and cranberries with cinnamon and a small amount of brown sugar.





Pumpkin Pie:

  • Use a reduced-fat graham cracker crust rather than the traditional pie crust.
  • Opt for a different pumpkin dessert, such as light pumpkin mousse or pumpkin muffins.
  • Try a lightened pumpkin cream cheese dip with apple slices on the side.