October Program Pointer

clock Do you have changes to your Meal Time schedule?

With the kiddos back to school many providers have had to adjust meal times to accommodate bus and school schedules.  If you are one of these providers don’t forget to send Horizons a copy of this new schedule. You can email it to horizons@bayland.net or call us at 1 920-826-7292.



cacfp-calendar2017 CACFP Calendars will be arriving soon!!!!

CACFP calendars will begin to be distributed after the 12th.  It is Horizons goal to get them to everyone by January 1st.  If this does not become possible remember there is a January 2017 calendar and record keeping page located at the very back of your 2016 Calendar.


2record-check017 Fiscal Year Record and Parental Notification Check

October begins the 2017 fiscal year for Horizons.  In the first trimester of the year Horizons will be doing a past years record check and will be making sure you have all the current parent notification handouts.  We will be looking for Menus, Meal Counts, Enrollments and Attendance Records for the current year plus the past 3 years.   We will also be checking for the use of the current USDA non-discrimination statement,  current WIC, current Building for the Future handout, and your Sponsor Agreement.  Please have these records and handouts readily available for review at your next home visit.